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Centenary Prize Awards

a historical note by Mr. A. M. R. Nelson

The Central Veterinary Society celebrated its Centenary in 1970 and decided to mark the event with a Centenary Prize Competition.  This was open to all veterinary surgeons and undergraduates at UK veterinary schools.  Initially, the Central Veterinary Society set an essay subject with a clinical or practical bias, and it was intended that the winning essay be published in a veterinary journal.

A nutritional subject was set for the first competition in 1974 and Orthopaedic Surgery the following year.  Essays were limited to a maximum of 3000 words, to be submitted for adjudication in March.  The three selected finalists would read their essays at the Central Veterinary Society meeting in April, where the winner would be announced.

The winner received an engraved plaque, to be retained for 12 months, a scroll for their permanent retention, and a cheque for £75.  A second prize of £25 and third prize of £15 were also awarded.

The rules were later changed because of a lack of interest from students at the RVC, annual selection of an essay subject and the burden of marking submitted papers.  It was decided to institute a Centenary Prize Lecture in its place.  This has become a mark of the Society's esteem for those invited to deliver the address, for which they receive a scroll and a cheque.  It is not necessarily awarded annually.

Recipients of the Centenary Prize

1974    1st Prize Mr. D. Bennett
The Rôle of Nutrition in Orthopaedic Conditions of the Dog and Cat
  2nd Prize    Mr. J. D. Brodie
Obesity in the Dog
  3rd Prize Mr. R. H. Smythe
The Rôle of Vitamins in the Diet of the Dog
1975 1st Prize Mr. D. G. Clayton Jones
The Repair of Equine Fractures 1843-1975
  2nd Prize Mr. W. T. Turner
Orthopaedic Problems Associated with Small Cage Birds
  3rd Prize Mr. D. G. Lewis
The Importance of Growth in the Assessment of Treatment of Orthopaedic Conditions of Small Animals
1977-78 Prof. R. V. Short
The Regulation of Populations
1978-79 Mr. A. C. L. Brown
Large Animal Practice in the 1980s
1979-80 Dr. O. Uvarov
A Place or Nîche in Society
1980-81 Dr. H. Williams-Smith
The Contribution of the Veterinary Profession to Bacterial Ecology
1981-82 Mr. A. R. W. Porter
Shake the Mixture Well
1982-83 Sir W. M. Henderson
Diseases of Animals of Growing Concern
1983-84 Dr. B. Cross
The Mythology of Animal Liberation
1984-85 Col. J. Hickman
An Appreciation of Some Conditions of the Equine Stifle
1985-86 Mr. J. P. Sheridan
Small Animal Practice - the Customer is King?
1986-87 Dr. A. J. Higgins
From Celsus to Silver - 2000 Years of Mystery
1987-88 Dr. A. H. Andrews
The Future of Agricultural Practice
1988-89 Prof. E. J. L. Soulsby
A Life of Riley - One Man's Views
1989-90 Mr Neal King
The Animal Welfare Movement - Friend or Foe?
1990-91 Mr. M. E. Herrtage
Hormonal Dysfunction and Related Skin Disorders in the Dog
1991-92 Dr. A. R. Michell
Veterinary Education - an Endangered Species?
1992-93 no award
1993-94 no award
1994-95 no award
1995-96 Mr. John Aspinall
Untitled address on his work in the field of zoo-keeping
1996-97 Prof. A. R. Michell
Clinical Research at the Crossroads
1997-98 Brigadier Paul Jepson
Life and Times of a 20th Century Veterinary Soldier
1998-99 Mr. John Nicol (postponed due to illness)
1999-2000 Mr. John Nicol
Veterinary Acupuncture
2000-01 Dr. M. Brancker
Looking Forward, Looking Back
2001-02 Dr. David F. Wishart
The Sheep that was Lost
2002-03 no award
2003-04 Mr. Graham Duncanson
Adventures of an Equine Dentist Abroad
2004-05 Dr. Kathy Clarke
What's New in Anaesthesia
2005-06 Brigadier Paul Jepson
Horse Welfare in the United Kingdom
2006-07 Prof. Peter Lees
Three Hundred Years of NSAIDs and Still Going Strong

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