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Minutes of a meeting of Council held on Tuesday 28th March 2006, at Hardwick Court Farm, Hardwick Lane, Lyne, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0AD.

Present:  the President Mr. C. Boyde, Prof. J. Bleby, Dr. M. Kerr, Dr. P. Lane, Mr. H. Robinson, Mr. C. Woodham.

Apologies for Absence:  Mr. L. Gibson, Mr. C. R. Herbert, Mr. B. Hoskin, Mr. J. Oliver, Dr. A. Porter.

Minutes of the previous meeting on 4th July 2005 had been circulated and were approved, subject to the addition of Dr. Porter's name to the list of those who tendered their apologies.

Matters arising from the minutes not covered elsewhere:  Discussion centred around the matter of the new VSA.  There were some very heated views on the BVA's inaction to date.  The matter of the CVS discussion paper presented in July was raised, and it appeared that nothing had happened with respect to this.  There is no sign that BVA is doing anything, or that its RCVS representatives are active on the matter.  The issue of briefing papers was raised - who supplies these, and what is the mechanism for reporting back?  It was resolved that Professor Bleby inform BVA Council that the CVS feels that breathing space may be lost through inaction, and that the establishment of a working party is a matter of urgency.

Correspondence:  The usual email consultations from BVA, otherwise none relevant.

President's report:  Mr. Boyde reported that he had very much enjoyed the last two meetings, and that attendance had been good.  He welcomed the addition of three new Fellows.

Secretary's report:  no separate report.

Treasurer's report:  Mr. Herbert tendered his apologies, but had informed the Hon. Secretary verbally that the finances were is a reasonable state.  Prof. Bleby raised the matter of the McCunn foundation and reported that attempts were being made to alter the constitution so that the fund itself was its trustees.  This would simplify matters in future as trustees wish to step down.  However the matter is being impeded by difficulties in raising replies from some of the current trustees.  Prof. Bleby intimated that he intended to present a report on this matter to the AGM.

BVA Representative's report:  Professor Bleby circulated a copy of the minutes of BVA Council from 14th December 2005, for information.  The meeting examined the papers for the BVA Council meeting scheduled for the following day, taking note of those items where it wished the CVS representative to raise specific points.  Membership was a particular concern, and discussion extended to cover whether it was possible for CVS to attract student members, possibly with a special grade of student membership, although fears were expressed that a meeting at the RVC might not be well attended.  A meeting intended for students at the right venue, with the right subject, and possibly attracting sponsorship, was discussed.  It was noted that the BVA had now appointed co-ordinators to deal specifically with Territorial Divisions, and that the co-ordinator dealing with CVS is Sophie (surname not recorded!).

AWF Representative's report:  Mr. Ewbank reported that he intended to enquire about progress regarding planning permission and the Hayward Trust.  Dr. Scott-Park was reported to be making progress in the matter of the government and the veterinary profession.  The AWF had written to the government supporting a complete ban on docking.

Membership:  The meeting approved the applications of three new Fellows - Mr. Michael Doube, Dr. John Reilly and Dr. Abigail Woods.  Sadly, the Hon. Secretary had been informed that Miss Rosemary Welch of Rickmansworth died in 2005.

Council membership 2006-07:  It was resolved that Dr. P. Lane would be nominated for the Presidency at the AGM, with Mr. C. Boyde succeeding to the Senior Vice-presidency.  Mr. A. Edney was again mentioned in connection with the Junior Vice-presidency, but Dr. Lane reported that he had not yet heard as to whether he was content to be nominated.  Other officebearer posts were anticipated to remain unchanged.  It was resolved to leave the question of ordinary Council membership until the AGM.

CVS Programme:  Dr. Lane presented an early draft of his proposed programme for 2006-07.  Proposed meetings included Prof. Peter Lees, speaking on NSAIDs, to receive the Centenary Prize; Dr. Lewis Thomas to speak on wildlife management; Mr. Brian Cass of Huntingdon Life Sciences to receive the Victory Medal, with a second medal to be presented to the head of the Hall family of Darley Oaks Farm; Prof. Quintin McKellar; Prof. John Oxford to speak on Avian Influenza, and possibly a meeting on the RAVC.  The importance of allocating a meeting at which to present the McCunn Prize was also mentioned, which raised the matter that this had not been attended to this year.  Dr. Lane agreed to contact the current President of the RVC SU and invite him to the May meeting at the Athenaeum.

Any other business:  Prof. Bleby moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Boyde for his hospitality.

Date, time and place of next meeting:  Monday 3rd July 2006, venue to be arranged.

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