Established 1870
A Division of the British Veterinary Association

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Presidential chain The Presidential chain of office was presented to the Society in 1935 by the then President Mr. Leonard S. Balls.

The obverse of the medallion reads

Central Veterinary Society. London
Jubilee President 1935

while the reverse reads

Presented by
Leonard S Balls
in commemoration of his
Jubilee Year

The names of Presidents prior to 1934-35 do not appear on the chain and no record is at present available of their identity.

Presidents of the Central Veterinary Society

1934-35 L. S. Balls
1935-36 J. F. MacDonald
1936-37 J. G. Wright
1937-38 J. McCunn
1938-39 Nevill S. King
1939-42 H. E. Bywater
1942-43 H. Scott Dunn
1943-44 T. Hare
1944-45 W. R. Wooldridge
1945-46 S. F. J. Hodgeman
1946-47 A. W. Stableforth
1947-48 -
1948-49 T. L. Wright
1949-50 Miss J. O. Joshua
1950-51 W. A. Pool
1951-52 Miss Olga Uvarov
1952-53 C. Formston
1953-54 W. M. Henderson
1954-55 Miss Marion J. Freak
1955-56 F. R. Bell
1956-57 C. E. Woodrow
1957-58 E. Cotchin
1958-59 W. B. Singleton
1959-60 O. Graham Jones
1960-61 M. Young
1961-62 G. L. B. Henderson
1962-63 B. V. Jones
1963-64 G. N. Rushman, MC, TD
1964-65 J. S. Steward
1965-66 W. M. W. Taylor
1966-67 Miss Rosemary Welch
1967-68 E. C. Appleby
1968-69 H. E. Carter
1969-70 L. R. Thomsett
1970-71 J. Bleby
1971-72 K. G. D. Evans
1972-73 S. Wiggins
1973-74 B. M. Bush
1974-75 P. L. Ingram
1975-76 M. Findlay
1976-77 J. Nicol
1977-78 A. C. L. Brown
1978-79 A. G. Limont
1979-80 J. M. Evans
1980-81 W. J. B. Morgan
1981-82 F. H. Whaley
1982-83 R. J. K. Vonesh
1983-84 J. B. R. Arbuckle
1984-85 J. C. Bell
1985-86 C. Boyde
1986-87 J. H. Watkins
1987-88 P. J. Lane
1988-89 P. G. H. Mann
1989-90 A. M. R. Nelson
1990-91 G. W. Tribe
1991-92 Miss A. Cembrowicz
1992-93 H. C. Robinson
1993-94 J. J. Oliver
1994-95 Miss Karen E. Quine
1995-96 Prof. J. Bleby
1996-97 L. W. Gibson
1997-98 A. F. O'Meara
1998-99 B. R. Pooley
1999-2000      R. W. Ewbank, OBE
2000-01 W. Beswick
2001-02 K. Meldrum
2002-03 Prof. A. R. Michell
2003-04 A. P. Muckle
2004-05 B. D. Hoskin
2005-06 C. Boyde
2006-07 P. J. Lane

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