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Programme of Meetings, 2005-2006

Unless otherwise arranged, meetings are preceded by dinner, at 7.00 pm for 7.30.  Following dinner (approximately 9.00 pm) there is a short General Meeting of the Society, after which comes the invited speaker for the evening.  The cost to those taking dinner is £30 per person, again unless otherwise notified.  There is no charge to attend the meeting and address only.

Fellows will receive a Notice of Meeting and Agenda in the post and should reply to this in the usual way.  Cheques should be made payable to "Central Veterinary Society".  Non-Fellows who may wish to attend a particular meeting (other than as a guest of a Fellow) should contact the Hon. Secretary.

Most meetings are at moderately smart venues where gentlemen are expected at least to wear a tie and not to wear jeans.  Ladies - well, avoid the jeans, anyway.  Menus are table d'hôte, and Fellows should advise the Hon. Secretary in advance if a vegetarian meal is required, or of any other major dietary restrictions.

Wednesday 19th October 2005

Kingswood Blue Room, Royal Holloway College, Egham

Royal Holloway College is situated on the south side of the Thames at Runnymede, just outside the M25.  The map below gives directions to the College from junction 13 of the motorway (Staines exit).  Note that the Kingswood Blue Room is located not on the main campus, but in the area marked "Kingswood Hall of Residence".  Fellows arriving at Egham station (also marked on the map) should take a taxi, as the distance from the station is "a couple of miles".

Before the meeting there will be an opportunity to view the MRI facilities at Royal Holloway, which are in use for veterinary scans on two evenings per weel.  Fellows interested in this visit should meet at the Kingswood reception (meeting venue) to be guided to the main campus.

Map of venue

Speaker:  Miss Karen Jones, BVetMed, MSc, MRCVS, Director of Veterinary Services for the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA).

Address:  "The Work of SPANA"

Presentation of the CVS Victory Medal to Miss Jones.

Miss Karen Jones - biographical note by Mr. Carl Boyde

Karen graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1987, and spent three years in mixed large animal practice in Herefordshire.  She followed this experience with three years veterinary work in Nepal, then three years in Jordan, where she first encountered the work of SPANA.  After a short spell in practce in Yorkshire, she joined SPANA as Veterinary Director.

Karen has now been in post for three and a half years, and has been extremely energetic in visiting and organising the Society's Animal Health and Welfare Care in Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, Mauritania and Sudan.  This has involved her in a great deal of arduous travel.  She has developed a great rapport with SPANA's Directors in these countries, and has been instrumental in raising treatment standards steadily in spite of all the constraints of finance and distance.

I have no hesitation in nominating Karen for the prestigious "Victory" Medal of the Central Veterinary Society in recognition of her outstanding contribution to animal welfare overseas.

Tuesday 29th November 2005

The Farmers' Club, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL.

The location is as indicated on the map below, within easy reach of Embankment, Charing Cross and Westminster Underground stations.

Speaker:  Brigadier Paul Jepson, BVSc, MSc, MRCVS, of the Home of Rest for Horses.

Centenary Prize Address:  "Horse Welfare in the United Kingdom"

Presentation of the Centenary Prize Certificate to Brigadier Jepson.

Tuesday 10th January 2006

The Athenaeum Club, 107 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ER.  (Entrance in Waterloo Place.)

Speakers:  Dr. Paul Buell, MA, PhD and Dr. Robert Imrie, BSc, DVM.

Subject:  "Veterinary Acupuncture: A Western Invention from the 1970s."

Dr. Buell is an eminent Sinologist and one of a tiny handful of leading authorities on ancient Chinese Medicine and classical Chinese philology.  He is based at the Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham.  He has made a particular study of the history of acupuncture in the Far East, and together with Dr. Imrie, a well-known small animal practitioner from Washington State who is also active in a number of organisations which subject alternative medicine to scientific scrutiny, has extended this into an investigation of the historical basis for the claims of veterinary acupuncture.  Dr. Buell is in the UK primarily to lecture at the Wellcome Institute, and we are most fortunate that he and Dr. Imrie have agreed to address the Central Veterinary Society during their stay.  Dr. Buell will cover the ancient history of acupuncture in the Far East, with particular reference to the paucity of evidence that acupuncture was ever performed on animals, while Dr. Imrie will cover the recent history and current evidence for acupuncture efficacy (or inefficacy).

As we have two speakers for this evening, we will sit down to dinner at 7.15pm with the aim of of commencing the Address at 8.30pm.

Wednesday 15th February 2006

The Crown Hotel, 7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8AP.
A map of the venue is available on an external link only.

Speaker:  Dr. Abigail Woods, MA, VetMB, MSc, PhD, MRCVS, from the Department of the History of Medicine, Imperial College, London.

Subject:  "Foot and Mouth Disease - a manufactured plague?"

Dr. Woods completed her PhD on the history of animal plagues in 2002, and is the author of a book examining the changing approach to FMD in Britain from 1839 to 2001.

Wednesday 22nd March 2006

The Farmers' Club, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL.

The location is as indicated on the map below, within easy reach of Embankment, Charing Cross and Westminster Underground stations.

Speaker:  Professor Gary England, BVetMed, PhD, DipACT, DipECAR, ILTM, DVR, CertVA, DVRep, FRCVS, of the University of Nottingham.

Address:  "Shaping the UK's seventh veterinary school"

Professor England is the Foundation Dean of the new veterinary school at Nottingham university, where he is well advanced with his plans for the creation of an entire veterinary school and curriculum from scratch.  This offers unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and the Central is very fortunate that he has been able to rearrange his very busy schedule to speak to us on 22nd March.

Because of Professor England's other committments, note that on this particular occasion the Address will precede dinner.

Tuesday 9th May 2006 (Annual General Meeting)

The Athenaeum Club, 107 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ER.  (Entrance in Waterloo Place.)

Speaker:  Mr. Gareth Davies, BVSc, DipBact, MRCVS, formerly of the European Commission.

Subject:  "Difficult Times for the Professions"

The AGM is at 6 pm, followed by dinner at 7 for 7.30, and the General meeting and address will follow at around 9 pm.

Athenaeum meeting

Miss Jane Hern MA, RCVS Registrar, adresses fellows of the Central Veterinary Society and their guests in the Garden Room of the Athenaeum Club on Tuesday 11th May 2004.

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