Founded 1870
Incorporating Central Division of the British Veterinary Association

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Constitution and Rules

Revised 1977, and further amended 2004

  1. The Society shall be named the "Central Veterinary Society".

  2. The objects of the Society shall be
    a)  the promotion of Veterinary and allied sciences,
    b)  the advancement of the interests of the profession.

  3. The Society shall consist of Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Associate Fellows.

  4. Fellows shall be Members or Honorary Associates of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

  5. A candidate for admission to the Society shall be proposed and seconded by Fellows.  A nomination form, specifying his (or her) name and address, and stating that he (or she) will abide by the rules of the Society, shall be signed by the candidate and delivered to the Honorary Secretary.

  6. Associate Fellows shall be those considered by Council to be suitably qualified persons having an interest in Veterinary Science who are not veterinary surgeons.

  7. The election of Fellows shall be determined by a four-fifths majority of votes in favour by members of the Council.  Successful elections shall be announced at the next General Meeting of the Society.

  8. All Fellows, other than Honorary Fellows, elected after lst July, 1976, shall pay an annual subscription as determined by Council and confirmed by the Annual General Meeting.

  9. A Fellow temporarily residing abroad shall cease to be liable for payment of annual subscriptions during such period.

  10. Every person elected a Fellow of the Society shall have immediate notice of his election sent to him by the Honorary Secretary and then, on payment of the subscription for the current year, shall be admitted a Fellow.  Should such fee remain unpaid three months after date of election, the election shall become void and the Honorary Secretary shall notify the candidate in writing.

  11. The Council shall have power to nominate eligible persons as Honorary Fellows.  Their election shall be conducted in the same manner as that of other Fellows.

  12. Honorary Fellows shall enjoy all the privileges of Fellows.

  13. Those Fellows who are Members of the British Veterinary Association shall constitute the Central Division of the British Veterinary Association.  All relevant business shall be conducted by these Fellows alone and shall appear as a separate item on the agenda headed Divisional Business.  The rules of the Central Division shall be those of the Central Veterinary Society except as this rule shall apply.

  14. The Honorary Treasurer shall report to the Council any Fellow who has failed to pay his subscription for the preceding financial year and at the discretion of the Council, such person shall cease to be a Fellow.

  15. A Fellow wishing to resign from the Society shall do so by writing to the Honorary Secretary who shall notify the fact at the next General Meeting.

  16. Officers of the Society shall be,
    a)  the President,
    b)  the Senior and Junior Vice-Presidents, the former of whom shall be the retiring President,
    c)  the Honorary Secretary,
    d)  the Honorary Treasurer and
    e)  an Assistant Honorary Secretary and Assistant Honorary Treasurer may be appointed if required.
    Such Officers shall be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

  17. The Council of the Society shall comprise the Officers and those other Fellows who shall be elected annually by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.  A candidate for election to Council must be proposed and seconded by Fellows of the Society who must have previously obtained his, or her, consent.

  18. Should any Fellows have an equal number of votes for an office or for a place on the Council, a second election shall take place and, if necessary, the Chairman shall then have the casting vote.

  19. On the occurrence of any vacancy amongst the Officers, the Council shall elect a successor at its next meeting.

  20. The Council shall have the management of the Society's affairs and meet as occasion may require.  Notice of each meeting shall be sent to Members of the Council at least four clear days before each meeting.

    Not less than four shall be a quorum.

    All questions in Council shall be determined by vote and in the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

  21. The President shall preside and regulate the proceedings of all meetings of the Society and Council in accordance with the rules.  After the minutes of each meeting have been confirmed by those present, he shall sign the same as a true record.

    In the absence of the President, one of the Vice-Presidents or, in their absence one of the Fellows present shall be elected to the Chair and carry out the duties of the President.

  22. The Honorary Secretary, or his deputy, shall attend all meetings of the Society, Council and Committees.  He shall read the minutes of the preceding meeting; take minutes of the business and orders of the meeting; give notice of candidates proposed for election, and conduct the correspondence of the Society.  He shall have charge, under the direction of the Council of all records of transactions and proceedings.

  23. The transactions of the Society shall be recorded in the manner and at such times as the Council may direct.

  24. The Honorary Treasurer shall receive, for the use of the Society, all money payable to it and from such money shall keep accounts of all such receipts and payments in a manner directed by the Council.  He shall not pay any money on account of the Society, except current routine expenses, without the previous sanction of the Council.

  25. The Honorary Treasurer's accounts shall be audited annually by two Honorary Auditors, who shall be appointed by the Council.

  26. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May.  The Honorary Secretary shall give at least four weeks notice of the AGM and at the time ask for nominations for Council.  The business shall be;
    a)  To read and confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
    b)  To receive and adopt the reports and recommendations of the Council and the Honorary Treasurer.
    c)  To Elect Officers and Members of the Council.
    d)  Any other business provided written notification has been given to the Honorary Secretary not less than seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

  27. The General Meeting shall be held as the Council or President may decide.  The Honorary Secretary shall give at least seven days notice to Fellows resident in the United Kingdom.

  28. The business of General Meetings shall be;
    a)  To read and confirm the minutes of the previous meeting.
    b)  To receive correspondence and reports.
    c)  To announce the election of Fellows, to receive nominations and to conduct other formal business.
    d)  To discuss case records, morbid specimens, instruments, and any other subjects of professional interest.
    e)  To receive and discuss addresses and essays on subjects of interest to the Veterinary Society.

  29. Nothing relating to the rules or management of the Society shall be discussed at the General Meetings, unless notice thereof has been given in writing to the Honorary Secretary in time for inclusion on the agenda.

  30. Fellows shall have the privilege of bringing visitors to any General Meeting.

  31. A Special General Meeting for a definite purpose shall be called by the President, before the next General Meeting, on receipt of a requisition in writing signed by ten Fellows.  No business other than that on the agenda shall be discussed.

  32. At the Annual, Special and General Meetings, ten Fellows shall constitute a quorum.

  33. Proposals to enact, alter or repeal rules shall be given in writing to the President, signed by at least ten Fellows, on receipt of which he shall summon a Special General Meeting.

  34. The Council may direct the Honorary Secretary to call a Special General Meeting for the purposes of enacting, repealing, or altering the rules or for any other special purpose.

  35. No rule or alteration shall come into force until confirmed by a General Meeting at which notice of such rule or alteration has appeared on the agenda.

  36. The name of every person who shall make a presentation to the Society shall be entered in the minutes with mention of the gift.

  37. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be left to the discretion of Council.

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