Allergic Dermatitis in a Horse

by a veterinary surgeon from California.

A 12 year old Thoroughbred gelding was examined by a homeopath for allergic dermatitis, characterized by hives, hair loss and pruritus.  The owner was advised to forego all vaccinations and to begin homeopathic treatment of the allergies.  Although the horse received the remedies - drops, to be put in the water - twice daily, the hair loss and itching proceeded unabated.  The owner, concerned about the progression of the disease, was assured that the horse was going through a "healing crisis" as a response to the homeopathic remedy.  After three months the owner decided that the crisis was going to be interminable, and the horse, which by this time was a mottled, red mess, was placed on appropriate therapy (steroids, antihistamines and environmental dust management) and the condition promptly resolved.

Editor's comment.  "The owner was advised to forego all vaccinations...."  Isn't it interesting how often this advice comes up in a homoeopathic context?  And yet these same homoeopaths, when challenged about the ludicrous general assertion that "like cures like" (as in, onion cures the common cold), leap immediately to the work of Jenner and his successors to justify their position (Hoare, 2003).

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