HEALTH WARNING:  We hope by now you're quite clear that this lot is a SPOOF.  A SEND-UP.  Voodoo medicine is not a valid therapeutic approach.  Neither is any other branch of Sympathetic Magic, including homoeopathy.

Hogwash School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Faculty of Voodooists

The above links form the syllabus for study towards the diploma of VetMFVoo.  Any member or associate who would like to contribute additional material to any of the above courses (the funnier the better) should contact the Hon. Secretary.

Those who have completed the prescribed course of study are eligible to take the public examination for the diploma.

Examination paper for VetMFVoo diploma.

List of holders of VetMFVoo.

The Faculty also awards the higher degree of VetFFVoo.  This is a post-graduate qualification awarded on the basis of published work.  The letters columns of the Veterinary Record and Veterinary Times are envisaged as the main platform for eligible dissertations, however consideration will also be given to appropriate work published elsewhere, including national broadsheet newspapers.  Applications for retrospective awards on the basis of particularly brilliant pieces of invective published in the past (Hal Thompson, we're waiting to hear from you!) will also be given due consideration.

List of holders of VetFFVoo.

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